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Armed with a keen eye and a steady hand to aid you in finding the right house in the Silicon Slopes area.  Using both my gentle approach and catalog of skills, I'm a champion of my clients from consult to closing.  Determined to help you get a foot in the door - both figuratively and literally.

Hi, I’m robin!

a different kind of realtor

Gone are the days of sport coats and stiff, black blazers.  Why must we expect to find a home with a little personality if the real estate professional we hire has none?  If you are looking for someone who isn't going to make the process awkward and dare I say it-even FUN, than look no further.  This doesn't have to be the most stressful thing you've ever done.  That's where I come in. 

A little about me

Hello there home owner!

I am a California native who found my way to the beautiful beehive state over a decade ago.  My first love in life was beautiful design and interesting architecture.  When I moved to Utah, I often found myself driving up and down historic neighborhoods for fun just to gaze at the insanely good looking homes in our city.  Because of this, I knew that helping people find a sanctuary in a home (one that lights them up inside) would be the most fulfilling career for me. 

As a mother of three rowdy boys,  I am uniquely qualified to tackle difficult tasks while remaining cool under pressure.  I love all genres of music and can't wait for the world to have concerts again.  Shoes and Sees Candies are my love languages but above all else, I am fiercely committed to helping the people in my corner find happiness. 

Let's break it down and make it easy for you.   

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